About us

  • Projects and Installations utilizing state-of-the-art Solutions
  • Commercialising and marketing ground-breaking products
  • Reducing Energy consumption through efficiency technology
  • Improving Industrial Process Efficiency
  • Environmental Cleanup and Alternative Energy technology
Our mission statement is to bring research and early-stage technology to market or application where it can be used to save energy, improve operational efficiency in industrial processes, provide environmental benefits through alternative energy or cleanup technology, aid in the provision of healthcare services, or simply where it is genuinely innovative. We work with researchers and scientists to create products that can be used in industry, utilities, and commercial environments and by domestic consumers.
We specialize in the area of nano-technology research, representing an advanced research programme in Russia assisting with the commercialization of nano-technology processes and particles.

Events and Announcements

Efficiency Technologies will be at the Green Ship Conference in Copenhagen - March 2010
Speaking about NanoVit and the case-study performed on a Cargo Vessel. Director, Simon Goldsmith, will be leading the presentation. Showing how the nano-particle treatment of the Vessel engines and running gear demonstrated very positive improvements in operation, leading to a short pay-back time through fuel and lubricant savings.
Efficiency Technologies at the European Base Oils and Luricants Conference, London - November 2009
We will have a booth at this prestigous conference. Why not visit us to talk more about the ground breaking particle, NanoVit.
Efficiency Technologies at the Nanotechnology and Emerging Technologies Forum, London - Novembver 2009
An interesting conference for Efficiency Technologies. Continued research into MoS2 for surface treatment (anti friction and wear) continues. Very positive conclusions for the superiority of the NanoVit surface treatment. We continue to monitor the space.