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This page provides information, where publicly available, on some of our technologies and products. There are documents and public materials available for download from the bottom of this section. If you would like to know specific details of the technologies and research mentioned please get in contact. We strive to protect the intellectual property of our clients and selected information is only available under Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Consumer and Industry Award-winning product for Efficiency in engines. This product is the result of nano-engineering a particle with desirable properties under heat and pressure. The particle forms chains of itself, firmly adhering to metallic surfaces. These chains regenerate the surface of the material and enhance surface properties to prevent wear and lower the friction coefficient, additionally the particle increases lubricant lifetime and effectiveness.

The product is certified by TUV Thuringen (Germany) and has product insurance from Allianz. It has been demonstrated repeatedly in both field trials and laboratory tests to demonstrate these beneficial properties. It is suitable for all lubricated engines, including cars, shipping, industrial diesel, and gas engines. It is also suitable in high-stress lubricated environments including transmission and bearings.
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HeartVue - Breakthrough Heart Monitoring and Screening

The HeartVue 6S System provides a quick (30-60 seconds) and accurate assessment of patients with suspected coronary artery disease. The device uses only 4 standard electrodes and a dispersion mapping method analysis of low amplitude ECG signals to detect heart abnormalities and ischemia. The results are then presented as a color-coded, 3-dimensional digital heart map which reflects electrical dispersions.

The device allows the tester to observe the condition of the heart muscle, as well as the intensity of the heart stress load. The test uses new information from ECG fluctuations that are usually ignored as "noise" by regular ECG devices. An image of the patient's heart, along with an electrocardiogram are produced. The HeartVue 6S System will be an invaluable screening tool for cardiologists, general practitioners, clinics, hospitals, the fitness industry, sports teams and emergency medical facilities.
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Cellulosic Bioethanol – New Approach

Cellulosic ethanol is the most energy efficient biofuel. It can be produced from waste organic matter and generates 10 times more energy than is required to produce it. This makes it a practical Biofuel sidestepping the concerns over increasing food prices due to crops being grown for Biofuels. Currently, best practice techniques for producing Cellulosic ethanol include steam-explosion pre-treatment. However, even this technique requires significant time and the use of acid to convert cellulose into sugar.

Efficiency Technologies is organising a UK pilot for a new technique that has been demonstrated in laboratory tests to produce 360 litres (282 kg) of bioethanol from 1 ton of wheat straw, as compared to 250 litres (195 kg) typically obtained from a modern plant. The residues are also significantly smaller – and the process requires fewer chemicals. The waste product can be used for animal feed, ensuring minimal waste.

Ash Waste Processing

Cleaning up and processing Ash waste from power stations is a significant challenge. Current Ash waste in the UK presents a major environmental problem.

The waste ash contains very significant quantities of useful compounds and minerals if they could be reclaimed. Efficiency Technologies is addressing this problem through a unique waste processing technology making reclamation of Al2O3, SiO2 and other valuable components practical. These components which can be further processed into other useful compounds used in industry using the same process. There is additional valuable mineral extraction and even carbon extraction for re-use in furnaces. The process turns waste into value and addresses the environmental problem associated with landfilling such waste.



The scientists and research companies we work for have a range of programmes. There are other technologies Efficiency Technologies will introduce once a problem or project that would benefit is identified and laboratory exploration and testing has proven their efficacy. If you have an interest in talking to Efficiency Technologies about your innovative research or early-stage products then please get in contact and we can discuss how we approach commercialization. Alternativley, if you have a need that may be addressed by new processes or advanced materials, we can help identify new technologies that may be of interest. Below is a list of some of the key areas of research represented by Efficiency Technologies:
 - industrial process efficiency
 - nano-technology, including large scale production, advanced materials and coatings
 - construction materials
 - waste reclamation andreprocessing
 - alternative energy generation and fuel technology
 - agricultural yield improvement

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